Everyday Adventure

We provide an avenue for men to congregate in nature, around the ideals and experiences we once knew or may have have lost touch with. We make getting outside, and outside of your comfort zone, effortless. We've got the gear, grub, and get-away-car. We are the concierge, sherpa, and tour-guide. The mission is to re-wild men with adventures for the soul.

On an adventure day, the bus departs at 6am and will have you back in the office for your second cup of coffee at 10am.

Team Adventure

Become better, together. Wellmen provides an adventure for teams to embark on together - supporting and empowering each other. We strip away the pressures of daily close-quarter, workplace environments by getting outside, dirty, and back to basics. 

For custom Team Adventures please email becomewellmen@gmail.com

Upcoming Adventures

Wellmen Squamish 2.0

Date: March 13th
Location: Squamish Valley Road
- A day of Adventure, Brotherhood, Mindfulness and Empowerment.
- Logger Sports, Fire Building, Meditation, Culinary Exploration.

I was most intrigued by the exercise of chopping wood/ writing a limiting belief/ sharing it/ then burning it in the fire. It was really eye opening to be around a group of high achieving successful men, and hearing about the limiting beliefs that they struggle with, and being able to relate, and feel for them as they share.’ - Wellmen Squamish 1.0 Participant



Brew Summit

Date: April 18th
Location: Sea to Sky Gondola
- A Wellmen Collaboration with Brew: Distilling Mindful Leaders.
- A day of Mindfulness and Movement in Nature.
- 150 men at the top of a mountain.
3 panels with 9 invokers from across the globe.

SIGN UP: http://www.eventbrite.ca/e/brew-summit-2016-mindfulness-movement-in-nature-tickets-18728861529


Wellmen Deep Cove 

Date: TBD (Late Spring)
Location: Deep Cove
- Wellmen Micro Adventure 20 Men.
A day of water, mountains, and an adventurous brotherhood.
Yoga, Ocean Activities, Hiking, Survival Skills

‘The main takeaway for me was that the saw was a metaphor for me taking on new things and if I rummage up the courage to try something I can trust that I will inevitably improve if I make it a practice and consciously apply effort to it.’ - Wellmen Squamish 1.0 Participant