Wellmen Everyday Adventure
($150 - $250 /person)

  1. Wellmen plans and facilitates a traditional Wellmen Everyday Adventure in a cost per head or fee payment structure — all dependant on final programme and amount of people). This option is great for corporate retreats and sports team bonding experiences. Aimed at evolving the conversation around their respective work place. This could be paid for by the participants or covered by the company, team, organization.

  2. Wellmen x Organization Collaborations. This option can be tailored — within the confines of the Wellmen —  to be geared more towards the organization or demographics liking or sensitivities.

Wellmen hosting an adventure within for a charity called Sheena’s Place: Hope and Support for people with Eating Disorders. Collaborating with the facilitators from their staff to ensure that all activities and engagement with food and the messaging in and around the culinary experiences would be case sensitive.

Wellmen Overnight Adventure
($400 - $1500 /person)

By combining the essence of the The Wilderness Collective (← site | video →) Hobie x Wilderness Collective, Outward Bound’s craftsmanship and knowledge based adventure, and Man Talks discussion of masculinity — Wellmen Overnight Adventures (name still in development) become a transformative experience for any man who’s willing to take a crack a t not only evolving himself but of allowing himself to buy into his own unique version of masculinity. We create a visceral platform for men to express themselves; physically, mentally, and emotionally.  Our culture of masculinity is highly restrictive to men and Wellmen presents a judgement free space for them to learn, grow, and ultimately become better men — better human.



6:00am - Coffee and tea snack

7:00am - Yoga + Workout (brain on nature workout)

8:00am -  Preparation of breakfast, eating breakfast, and discussion of mindfulness question

9:30am - Pack up camp

10:00am - Transportation rock climbing location(hike, mtb, paddle)

11:30am - Rock climb activity (axe throwing,  

2:00pm - Arrive back at Sea to Sky Gondola for final and positive affirmation plaque carving







Day 1: 

9:00AM Departure from HQ

11:00am Arrival at site A (Sea To Sky Gondola summit)

12:20pm - 1:00pm Ambassador shares story to open the conversation

1:00pm - 1:45pm:  Introductory Yoga

2:00pm - 2:45pm: Lunch preparation/consumption (easy simply execution)

2:45pm - 3:15pm: Pack Delivery and demonstration (water, components, items)

3:30pm - 6:00pm: Hike, Mountain Bike, Canoe, Kayak, Paddleboard to site b

6:00pm - 7:00pm: Camp Set Up Competition: tents, fire pit, and facilitated intellectual and physical challenge (Bow Drill Fire Starting, Log Gather / Split)

7:00pm - 8:00pm Dinner, Discussion (Finished with 10 minute Meditation and thought provoking question to end night that will be presented the next day at breakfast.)

8:00pm Finished for night (organic conversation and s’mores)


Wellmen Eventure
(Sponsored - $0 - $100 /person)

Wellmen Eventures are small easily executable events that take not longer than 3 hours to complete.  These events are complimentary to the Day Adventures and Overnights to serve as a check-in and gathering of the pre-existing community of Wellmen in that area.

Example 2

  • 15 minute Woodworking demonstration

  • 45 minute hike

  • 20 minute carving experience

  • 15 nature meditation

  • Discussion Riverside

  • Call to action to be completed before next Eventure

Example 1

  • 45 minute Yoga

  • 45 minute Hike

  • Picnic culinary experience (campfire eats, simply fresh ingredients <culver city salads chop, slice, dice serve>)

  • Discussion (topic, questions + thought examples provided by Wellmen.org)

  • Call to Action to be completed before next Eventure


Idea around having the Eventures is to continually engage and follow up with the group of men that bear their hearts and souls during the Wellmen Day Adventures and Wellmen Overnight adventures.

Spot at Wellmen Summit
($1500 - $3000) *currently in development

A yearly event that would encompass Wellmen’s overarching themes and their benefits to men and our environments. Thought leaders and cutting edge researchers in their respective fields would be brought in to speak and demonstrate how men all over the world could be benefactors of the plethora of mental, physical, and emotional wellness tools that are readily available to everyone — Outdoors, in Nature.