A change catalyst, development specialist, strategic visionary, creative ideator, and athlete. Chad is a strategy and business consultant, project manager, omni-channel marketing specialist and senior events consultant/contractor with a focus on personal development and technology.

A visionary leader, Chad has led a number of change management initiatives in the corporate and philanthropic sectors.  Chad has a long-term vision with a unique ability to connect future variables, a process-driven systematic mindset with repeated success leading teams, facilitating complex projects, and delivering results. He exhibits a rare combination of technical virtuosity, uncompromising work ethic, collaborative leadership and strategic vision that allows him to see solutions that make him truly unique.  Chad has the ability to effortlessly inspire and mentor others to push boundaries and create desired results while building genuine relationships.  Chad is now aimed at developing his leadership and project management skills while facilitating a conscious global shift in personal and professional development, education and wellness.

An established entrepreneur, Chad founded his first company in 1995. Focus Events was developed to target the corporate, social change, entertainment and the athletic event sectors. Followed by Cognizance Consulting in 2003 a marketing, strategy and business development agency.  Chad also has a background in training and development, outdoor pursuits, early childhood development, education, product design, emergency management, logistics, health and fitness as well as digital media.

In addition to being a General Manager of Wellmen Inc., Chad is the Principal  Cognizance Consulting, Focus Events, Disruptive Media, and The Fellowship Project and Sports Wellness Summit.